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258.   An accident narrowly missed.  Thank you, Lord.
259.   I have been blessed in being given the opportunity to help someone in need.

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Sunday, October 8th, 2017 22:33
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253.   A beautiful, warm, sunny day.
254.   Releasing milkweed seeds to the wind.  Hopefully some take root and provide food for butterflies next year.
255.   I successfully cooked pork chops.
256.   Catching up with a friend.
257.   Church.
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252.  Grace to survive a stressful day (including taking Mom to the ER... she's fine).
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251.   A dear loved one is home from the hospital and doing very well.
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223.   Time away on retreat.
224.   Raising butterflies.
225.   God's financial provision.
226.   Beautiful weather.
227.   A dear friend coming to visit me from far away.
228.   The grace to survive cooking for hours in a 100*+ kitchen.
229.   Participation in the Body and Blood of our Lord.
230.   Sermons from fantastic preachers.
231.   Sermons that speak to my issues.
232.   His showing me what I need.
233.   The desire to obey.
234.   Food and water.
235.   Opportunities to grow and learn new things.
236.   A nice cup of tea.
237.   My sweet kitty.
238.   Opportunities to show kindness to others.
239.   Sunshine.
240.   The grace and strength to deal with certain challenges.
241.   Movie marathons with a good friend.
242.   Freshly-laundered sheets.
243.   No internet for a week.
244.   Cooking.
245.   Success in making plush animals.
246.   Prayer.
247.   Collecting milkweed pods.
248.   Autumnal flowers.
249.   The return of Orion to the night skies.
250.   Releasing milkweed seeds to the wind.
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221.  A dear friend.  Not everyone has one.
222.  The opportunity to return to a time of solitude.

I hit something of a slump of late and let life get in the way, but I hope to do better.
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218.  Courage to risk.  I choose brave.
219.  Being told that I exhibited grace during a long and difficult situation.
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217.  Gently held a small, frightened, trapped bird in my hands and set it free to the open air.
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214.  I dreamt of Daddy last night and got to hug him.  <3
215.  Relief from anxiety in a social setting.
216.  Participation in the Body and Blood of our Lord.
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203. A tree that fell during the storm landed harmlessly.
204. Help from friends.
205. A generator that helped power essentials.
206. A shower at a friend's house.
207. Relatively cool days when lacking a/c
208. Sleeping in bedrooms below ground.
209. Sunshine
210. National Best Friends Day
211. Water from the pond to flush the toilets
212. Time with no tv or internet
213. The grace to see grace in the storm.
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197.  That a vicious insect stayed put until I could return and kill it
198.  Sunshine
199.  Tea with a friend in the morning after a long, overnight work shift
200.  My sweet kitty
201.  The smell of cut grass
202.  The possibility of stepping out in faith
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190.  Pentecost
191.  A job working remotely from home
192.  Sunshine
193.  The prayers of others
194.  His grace
195.  Participation in His body and blood
196.  Friends
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187.  A wonderful lunch with friends.
188.  Thunderstorms that waited until after lunch.
189.  Answered prayer re: anxiety
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180.  More sunshine.
181.  A dear and wonderful substitute mama.
182.  The opportunity to serve the weak and hurting.
183.  A celebration of grace (Mister Rogers marathon)
184.  A beautiful grace I received via email from a professor who responded with kindness to my struggles.
185.  A potential job opportunity working from home, possibly only for a few hours per week, but it would be a wonderful step.
186.  Time alone and time off.  Kyrie eleison.  May it be fruitful.

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179.  Sunshine.  Glorious sunshine.
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175.  Wonderful sermons with much-needed (if convicting) messages.
176.  Surviving the first of two overnight shifts.
177.  Tea.
178.  Hearing someone refer to me as her best friend. 
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173.  Time alone.  A break.
174.  My kitty. :)

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Thursday, April 27th, 2017 21:07
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167.  The beauty of snow in springtime.
168.  The transience of snow in springtime.
169.  Talking to my nephew for over an hour.  He played the piano for me, and we hopped around in our respective kitchens, like we did when he was a toddler.
170.  Talking to my niece, and her happiness with her gift of a llama lion.
171.  An online community that provides a safe place for me to talk about trauma.
172.  I still have a job.
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165.  I survived a very long two weeks, including an overnight shift (the first one I've ever worked) followed by a four-hour shift later that day that both went very smoothly.  I survived.

166.  Three days off, starting tomorrow.  Three.  days.  off.


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