Friday, March 3rd, 2017

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136.  The prayers of many others on my behalf, especially when I have no faith.

137.  God's utter, absolute, total grace and mercy toward me when I was completely faithless.  This has been a week of anxiety and PTSD for a medical examination that has been painful and traumatic in the past, but was not nearly as painful this time and not traumatic.

138.  A doctor and a nurse who are kind and compassionate and encouraging and understanding.  A thousand, thousand thanks, O Lord.  Please bless these women beyond imagining.

139.  Literary movies that I can curl up and relax with after a difficult day.

140.  My kitty cat, who did her best to comfort me today when I was in distress.

And finally,

141.  Lent, and God's kindness on Ash Wednesday to show me my sin and how like a Pharisee I am.


142.  Jane, my dearest friend who left us too long ago.  She was the only person I would collaborate with in writing fiction.  Our one, best piece involved a plot line of her writing in which one character made his (and God's) comfort known via songs on the radio.  While I was sitting in the waiting room today, the one song that always and instantly makes me think of Jane (Angel by Sarah McLachlan) came on (immediately following the one song that always brings me a peaceful feeling (Sailing by Christopher Cross)).  I have always believed that those in Heaven are able to watch those of us still below.  I would like to think that Jane asked God to send this little grace so that I would know she was aware of what I was going through, and she was praying for me (I believe those in Heaven pray for those of us still below).


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